Hell: a mercy for nonbelievers?

Undeniably, hell is the worst place anybody could be in. It’s an abode of incredible suffering and grief. However, there are some aspects of mercy to it that are worth mentioning   Existence is superior to nonexistence Though hell is a place of incredible suffering, existence is always superior to Continue Reading

Can we prove the existence of an afterlife?

How do we know if an afterlife exists? Specifically, assuming that a Creator exists, can we know that an afterlife exists by simply observing this universe? This was the question that Ustadh Bediuzzaman Said Nursi tackled in 1926[1], leading him to write The Tenth Word (also known as The Treatise Continue Reading

How are Prophets (عليهم السلام) a Mercy When Most Humans will Go to Hell?

If there was no revelation, there would be no responsibility to believe. Humans would not go to hell for rejecting it. Then how is revelation and the sending of prophets (عليهم السلام) a mercy to us?