How do animals and unconscious beings worship God?

In the previous post, we discussed what it meant for prayer (salat) to encompass all the various types of worship belonging to conscious beings such as humans, angels, and the Jinn and those of unconscious beings like trees and mountains. So how do animals and unconscious beings worship God?   Continue Reading

How does prayer symbolize other types of worship?

    prayer is an encompassing luminous index of all types of worship and a holy map pointing to the colors of worship of all kinds of creatures. (Ninth Word; Third Subtle Point) Here, Ustadh Bediuzzaman states that prayer, in a way, represents and points to all other forms of Continue Reading

Why we shouldn’t fear death

The thought of death usually invokes feelings of anxiety and fear, but is it really something to fear about? What is the Islamic viewpoint of death? There is a beautiful explanation of this in Parts from the work ‘The Testimonial of Two Schools of Misfortune’, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi – Biography Continue Reading