3 Examples of Divine Justice

We like to think of justice as a system to maintain order and fairness in our social lives as human beings. Yet in reality, justice applies to every single being in the entire universe. Yes, even to unconscious ones.

To be precise, there are two parts to justice:
1) To provide everybody/everything with their right. That is, to give everybody/everything what is suitable for them. No more and no less.

2) To punish those who transgress and do injustice to the rights of others. [see the footnote here]

Obviously, the second part applies to those who are conscious but the first applies to the entire universe. Say you accidentally break somebody’s window. Justice would mandate you pay the suitable amount to fix that window. Paying more or less would be unjust.

If you were a school teacher for multiple grades, justice would mean that you provide each grade the coursework that suits their level. Demanding a higher or lower level of coursework would be unjust.

We define justice as providing everybody/everything with their right. Obviously, nobody has “rights” over God, but God out of His generosity and mercy provides everybody/everything precisely with what is suitable for them.

So how does justice apply to beings in general? Let’s look at a few examples.

1. Sustenance: Every living being needs some sort of sustenance. Plants 🌿 need soil, squirrels need nuts, monkeys 🙊 need bananas, and so on. Every being is given suitable sustenance to survive. Also, when a baby is born, the mother’s breastmilk 🍼 changes as the baby grows to suit the child’s needs. In fact, when a baby is sick, the mother’s body is alerted and produces the necessary antibodies for that specific illness to pass it on through breast milk. Surprisingly, breastmilk also changes in the evening to help the baby sleep. The baby is given the right amount of milk with the necessary nutrients and antibodies depending on the baby’s age, health, and even to day and night. Every being is given the exact foods that are necessary for their specific bodies in the specific environment they live in, no more and no less.

2. Outfit: It is Divine Justice that provides each being with their appropriate “outfit” suitable for their environment. Fish, for instance, are covered in scales. This serves many purposes including reducing friction to aid in swimming, protecting the fish from sharp objects and pests through its tough surface, and producing a slippery mucus on the outermost layer to aid in escaping a predator’s grasp. Similarly, it is God Who provides bears with fur, snakes with snakeskin, and snails with shells. Again, every being is given exactly what they need, no more and no less.

3. Photosynthesis: Even the most subtle processes, like photosynthesis, are carried out with perfect justice and balance. Indeed this process, like any other chemical reaction, isn’t carried out randomly but with perfect justice and balance. Exactly six carbon dioxide molecules react with exactly six water molecules. Precisely six carbon atoms are transferred from carbon dioxide to the water molecule to produce one glucose and 6 oxygen molecules.




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