Can we prove the existence of an afterlife?

How do we know if an afterlife exists? Specifically, can we know that an afterlife exists by simply observing this universe? This was the question that Ustadh Bediuzzaman Said Nursi tackled in 1926[1], leading him to write The Tenth Word (also known as The Treatise of Resurrection) which is about 90 pages long.

In the following posts, I will be translating this treatise part by part and analyzing them. The treatise goes something like this: a short story is given in the beginning where two men are roaming around in a beautiful country (pointing to this world) and one of them tries to explain to the other that there must be another country (pointing to the afterlife) after this one. He does this with twelve evidences which he calls “twelve aspects”. After the story ends, the author explains twelve truths which point to the existence of an afterlife, similar to the twelve aspects in the short story.

Since this treatise is very long, I will translate the short story up to the point where the first aspect (or first evidence) is mentioned. Then I will stop and translate the first truth, which is the actual version of the evidence illustrated by the first aspect in the short story. In the following post, I will write my own analysis of that and then translate the second aspect followed by the second truth, and so on.

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