Eighth Word – Part 2

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So this blessed intelligent man travels. But he does not suffer from distress like his brother since he thinks about beautiful things and imagines good things, as he is good mannered. He is content on his own. Also, he does not suffer from fatigue and hardship like his brother. Because he knows the law, follows [it], [and] finds ease. He travels with freedom within peace and safety. So, he comes across a garden. Within it, there are both beautiful flowers and fruits, and – since it is not taken care of – there are filthy things as well. His brother had also entered one like this. However, he had paid attention and busied himself with filthy things and made himself nauseous. He had left and gone on his way without taking any rest at all. This man, on the other hand, acted upon the rule “look at the good in everything” and paid no attention to the filthy things at all. He benefited from the good things. He takes good rest, leaves, and goes on his way.


Then, as he went on his way he too he entered a vast desert like his brother before [him]. Suddenly, he heard the sound of an attacking lion. He was frightened but not as frightened as his brother. For due to his positive thought and good view, he thought “This desert has a ruler and it is possible that this lion is a servant under the authority of that ruler.” and found consolation. But he still escaped until he came across a waterless well sixty yards deep, and threw himself inside it. Like his brother, his hands held onto a tree halfway [into the well] and he was suspended in the air . He saw two animals cutting the tree’s two roots. He looked above and saw a lion; he looked below and saw a dragon. Just like his brother, he saw a bizarre situation. He too was terrified. But a thousand times light than the terror of his brother. Because his good manners gave him a good view, and good view shows him the pleasant side of everything.


Thus, due to this reason he thought: “These bizarre works are connected with each other. Also, it seems that they act with a single command. Therefore, there must be a mystery within these works. Yes, these act under the command of a hidden ruler. So I am not alone, that hidden ruler is watching me; he is testing me, he drives and invites me somewhere for a purpose. A curiosity arises from this sweet fear and good view so [that he thinks]: I wonder who it is that tests me, wants to be introduce himself to me, and sends [me] to a purpose me through this bizzare path. Then, out of the curiosity to know him, a love arises towards the mystery’s owner; and out of that love, a desire to solve the mystery arose; and out of that desire arose a will to take on a beautiful form that will please and gratify the mystery’s owner. Then he looked at the tree top and saw that it was a fig tree. However, it has the fruits of a thousand trees on it. Then, his fear completely left. Because he understood for certain that this fig tree is a life, an index, an exhibition. That hidden ruler, through a mystery and a miracle, must have attached samples of the garden’s fruits to that tree and adorned that tree, making each of them in the form of tokens for the food he prepares to his guests. Otherwise, a single tree cannot produce the fruits of a thousand trees. Then he began supplication. Until the mystery’s key was revealed to him. He cried: “O ruler of these lands! I have fallen into the fate You have determined for me. I submit to you and I am your servant and I desire your approval and seek you.” And after this supplication, suddenly the walls of the well split and a door opened to a magnificent, pure and beautiful garden. Perhaps the dragon’s mouth transformed into that door and the lion and dragon took on the form of two servants and invite him inside. In fact, that lion took on the form of a horse that submitted to him.


Thus, o my lazy soul and o my imaginary friend! Come, let us compare the state of these two brothers. So we can see and know how good brings good and evil brings evil.


Look, the unfortunate traveler of the left path is constantly waiting to enter the dragon’s mouth [and] trembles. This fortunate one, on the other hand, is invited to a fruitful and dazzling garden. Also that unfortunate one’s heart crumbles in a painful terror and an extreme fear. And as for this fortunate one watches and observes peculiar things as a delightful lesson, a sweet fear, a loving knowledge. Also that unfortunate one suffers torment in desolation and hopelessness and loneliness. And this fortunate one, on the other hand, experiences pleasure in friendliness and hope and passion. Also, that unfortunate one sees himself in the form of a prisoner subject to the attacks of wild beasts.


And as for this fortunate one, [he] is an honorable guest such that he forms friendship and enjoys himself with the peculiar servants of the generous host of whom he is a guest. Also, that unfortunate one hastens his torment by eating the apparently delicious [but] spiritually poisonous fruits. Because those fruits are samples, there is permission to taste them so that one asks for their originals and becomes a customer. But there is no permission to swallow them like an animal. And this fortunate one, on the other hand, tastes [them], understands the matter, postpones eating them, and feels joy in waiting.

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