Is there life after death?

Is there life after death? If so, then what is the evidence? That is, given that a God exists, can we show that there must be an afterlife? We prove this in three steps.

Step 1: Our Creator must be “The Preserver” and “The Observer”.

The Existence of DNA

Observing the universe, it is easy to see that The Creator of this universe tends to record things. The seed 🌱 or DNA of a plant, for instance, records every minute detail of the plant. Not only do we find a record of that plant’s ancestors but also information about the plant’s current state to the greatest depth.

Of course, this is not just the case for plants but is true for all living organisms 🐴, including human beings. Analyzing DNA, we see a record of our past and a great depth of information about our own bodies.

The DNA stores a miraculous amount of data 📂. Indeed, here’s an excerpt from an article in forbes,

The information density of DNA is remarkable — just one gram can store 215 petabytes , or 215 million gigabytes, of data. For context, the average hard drive in a laptop can house just one millionth of that amount.

In fact, the information in DNA is not only stored in a particular part of our body, but rather in every single cell. Each cell is like an enormous library 📚 of data, and we have trillions of them in our bodies; not just humans but all living beings.

All this shows that The Creator of this universe is al-Hafeedh (The Preserver). He preserves and keeps a record of things to the greatest detail.

The Existence of technological devices for recordings

God shows us that He is The Preserver and Recorder of things through His creation of the DNA. But there are many other proofs pointing to the fact that He is al-Hafeedh (The Preserver).

Indeed, He created a world where He made possible the invention of devices that store/record/preserve data 🎥. He also instilled in us (humans) the urge to preserve and record things: whether it may be for security reasons (like inventing security cameras) or simply storing our memories of the past (like the ever-advancing cameras on our smartphones 📱).

Furthermore, He created our brain in a way that can store memories of the past. He enabled us to remember events even from our early childhood 🧒.

A Creator Who did not care about preserving/recording things would not have designed the world the way that it is.

Step 2: Since God is “The Observer” and “The Preserver”, He records our actions.

Given that God is al-Hafeedh (The Preserver) and that He records even tiny plants and flowers, there is no reason to think that He does not record us or our actions. Indeed, humans are the most sophisticated beings that God has created on this earth 🌎 and our actions have enormous significance (see here for details). Through our actions, we are capable of helping and benefiting our surroundings or destroying nature🌴 not just for ourselves but for the other beings as well. Though we may be small (or even tiny) in size, our actions have great weight and magnitude that not only involves us but countless other beings as well.


Now, let’s imagine the following scenario:

A school 🏫 keeps a record of every assignment given to every single student each year. Knowing this, we would guess (for a good reason) that records of exams are also kept, since exams are of greater significance than homework assignments. Unless there is evidence otherwise, the default position would be to assume that exam records are kept. It would be silly to assume exams are not recorded when assignments 📝 of lesser importance are preserved with such care.

Given that God is al-Hafeedh (The Preserver) Who records even the most minute details of comparingly simple beings, He surely records our actions as well.

Step 3: Given that God records our actions, does life exist after death?

Imagine a government that records everything, even the most trivial of things. Would it be logical to assume that you will not be held responsible for the things you’ve done? That, despite all the recordings, you can freely act as you wish with no consequences 👮‍♂️ to face?

Anyone with a sound mind, who sees all these recordings, will automatically assume accountability unless there is proof otherwise.

Similarly, we must assume the existence of life after death unless there is proof otherwise.

That is, given that The Creator of this universe tends to record everything, the existence of an afterlife should be the default position. So is there life after death? Yes there must be.


The Words, The Tenth Word, The Seventh Truth by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

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