Path of Compassion

What is the meaning of worship and how does compassion draw us closer to God?

The meaning of worship is this: for a slave to see his flaws and weakness and poverty at the door to God’s mercy and prostrate before the perfection of Divine Godhead and the power of Divine Self-Sufficiency and Godly Mercy in awe and love. (Ninth Word, Second Subtle Point)

As seen in the passage, it is an important part of worship to realize one’s weakness and poverty and as a result to see the mercy and compassion of God in all blessings of life.

Now, imagine a scenario where we are hungry and decide to eat pizza 🍕. Ideally, these would be our thoughts…

We’d realize that it is God Who gave us the job we currently hold and thus provided us with the money necessary to order pizza; that it is Him Who created the flour, cheese, tomatoes, and so on for the pizza to be made; and it is God Who combined all the essential factors to make this possible, and so on. In fact, without His permission and help even lifting a finger is impossible. If it wasn’t, we would have been immune to conditions such as paralysis.

So, given how weak and poor we are even in seemingly trivial things like eating pizza, the mercy of God becomes apparent. The more we understand and feel our weakness and poverty, the more we feel His compassion and become thankful to Him.

So how is the path of compassion related to all this?

To see this, imagine that your kids join you in having pizza. Since you know that your kids are equally weak and poor and because your compassion towards them, you feel thankful not only for yourself but also for your kids

So, feeling weak and poor before God allows you to understand the immense compassion of God. Feeling compassion towards others extends that understanding to encompass other people or beings and shows you an even greater compassion.

Finally, the compassion you feel towards others allows you to understand to some extent how great and encompassing divine compassion must be. That is, you get to see what compassion is by feeling it towards others, say your child. Also, knowing that your compassion is nothing next to God’s, you realize how great His compassion must be. This allows you to understand to some degree the compassion of God and makes you thankful towards Him.

Related Passage from the Ninth Word

“Also , the endless treasure of Godhead’s mercy wants the slave to express his own need and the poverty and needs of all the creatures through the tongue of request and prayer and to proclaim the kindness and favors of his Lord with thanks and praise and [saying] alhamdulillah [All thanks be to Allah]. “

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