Tenth Word – Fifth Aspect and Truth

Fifth Aspect: Look, it is seen within these works that That Unique One has a quite tremendous compassion. Because He reaches to the aid of every victim of misfortune. He responds to every question and request. So much so that when He sees a most trivial need of a most trivial citizen, He fulfills it with compassion. If a foot of a shepherd’s sheep is wounded, He sends either and ointment or a veterinarian.

Come on, let us go; there is a large gathering on this island.  All the prominent people of land have gathered over there. Look, a most noble assistant who bears a very exalted token is delivering a speech. He asks for certain things from that compassionate sultan. All the inhabitants say “yes, yes, we too desire them”. They testify and stand by him. Now listen to what the beloved of this sultan says:

He says and pleads greatly “O our sultan who provides us with his blessings! Show us the origins and sources of the samples and shadows that you have shown us. And draw us to the center of your sultanate. Do not let us perish in these deserts. Take us to your presence. Show us mercy. Feed us over there with your delightful blessings that you have allowed us to taste over here. Do not let us suffer through cessation and banishment. Do not leave these obedient subjects who are longing and thankful to you to their own devices and cause them to be annihilated.” You too hear him. Is it at all possible for such a compassionate and powerful sultan to fulfill with attention a most trivial desire of a most trivial man and fail to fulfill a most beautiful desire of a most beloved noble assistant? However, that beloved one’s desire is the desire of everybody. It is also in line with the sultan’s approval and a requisite of mercy and justice. It is also easy for him and not burdensome. It is not as burdensome as the transient places of witnessing in these guesthouses. Since he spends so much for places of witnessing that will last or five-six days in order to show his samples, and has built this land. Surely, he will show his true treasures, perfections, and prowess at the center of his sultanate in such a way and cause the foundation of such places of witnessing that he will leave minds in awe. Thus, those in this abode of examination are not left to their own devices. Palaces of happiness and prisons are waiting for them.”

The Fifth Truth: is the door of compassion and Muhammadian worship (peach and blessings be upon him). It is a manifestation of the names The Answerer (al-Mujeeb) and The Compassionate (al-Raheem).

Is it at all possible that a Lord (Rab) of an endless compassion and mercy Who sees a most minimal need of a most minimal creature and answers them with perfect compassion from a source that they could not have imagined and The One Who hears a most hidden voice from a most hidden creature and rescues them and The One Who answers everything that is desired through the language of state and tongue would not see and meet and respond to the greatest need from a greatest slave[1] and a most beloved creature and would hear the most paramount prayer but not accept it? Indeed, the kindness and ease observed for example in regards to the sustenance and nurturing of the weak among animals and their offspring shows that The Owner of this universe nurtures with an endless mercy. Is it at all possible that a compassion which is compassionate to this degree in its nurturing would not accept the most beautiful prayer of the best of His creatures? Considering that I have explained this truth in The Nineteenth Word, I will express it once again over here in this way:

O friend who is listening to me along with my soul (nafs)! We have stated in the allegorical story “There is a gathering in an island. A noble assistant is delivering a speech.” The truth he points to is as follows: Come on, we detach ourselves from this time and head to the period of happiness by thought and the Arabian peninsula by imagination. So that we can see The Noblest Messenger (peace and blessing be upon him) on duty and in worship and visit him. Look! Just as that person is the reason for obtaining eternal happiness and the means to achieve it through his message and guidance. Similarly, he is the reason of existence for that happiness and the reason for heaven’s creation through his worship and prayer.

Now look! That person supplicates (dua) for eternal happiness in such a great prayer (salat) and exalted worship, it is as though this peninsula, or perhaps the entire earth prays and supplicates with his great prayer. Since just as his worship encompasses the worship of his community (ummah) who follow him, it encompasses the concealed truth of worship of all the prophets through the reason of conformity. Also, he performs the grand prayer and supplicates in such a great congregation, it is as though all the luminous and perfect people among the descendants of Adam since the time of Adam (peace be upon him) up to our era and perhaps until the day of judgment follow him through adherence and say amen to his prayer.[2] Look, he also prays for such a common need as immortality that not only those on the earth but those in the heavens and perhaps all beings join his supplication, saying “Oh yes our Lord! Grant it, accept his prayer, we also desire it” through the tongue of state. Also look! He desires eternal happiness in such a sad, such a loving, such a longing, and such a pleading manner that he causes the entire universe to cry and join his supplication.

Look, he also desires and prays for happiness for such a purpose and such a goal as to raise the human being and all creatures from being abased into absolute annihilation, worthlessness, uselessness, and emptiness which is the lowest of the low into the level of worthiness, eternity, exalted duty, and being letters of The Everlasting Self-Sufficient One (al-Samad), which is the highest of the high.

Look, he also asks with such elevated plea for help and beseeches with such a sweet prayer desiring mercy, it is as though he causes all the beings, the heavens, and the throne to hear and become ecstatic, saying “Ameen, O Allah ameen” to his prayer.[3]

Also, look he asks for happiness and eternity from a Powerful One (Qadeer) Who is such all-Hearing (Sami’) and Generous (Kareem), an all-Knowing One (Aleem) Who is such all-Seeing (Baseer) and Compassionate (Raheem) that He apparently sees, hears, and accepts a most concealed supplication and a most hidden desire of a most hidden being and shows mercy and responds even if it is through the tongue of state. He grants and responds in such a wise, all-seeing, and compassionate manner that it leaves no doubt that that nurturing and management is unique to such an all-Hearing (al-Sami’) and all-Seeing One (al-Baseer) and specific to such a Generous (Kareem) and Compassionate (Raheem) One.

Let us listen, what does the honor of this universe (peace and blessings be upon him)- who is this honor of humankind and the beloved of the universe and all times who has taken all descendants of Adam behind him and stands on this earth, lifts his hands towards the glorious throne and prays within the truth of Ahmadian worship (as) which encompasses the summary of the humankind’s worship – ask for? Look, he asks for eternal happiness for himself and his community (ummah). He asks for immortality. He asks for heaven. He also asks together with all the holy divine names that display their beauty in the mirrors of beings. As you can see, he calls on those names for intercession. If the afterlife did not have countless necessary reasons and evidences of its existence, the prayer of this individual alone would result in the construction of this heaven which is as lightweight as the creation of our spring for the power of The Compassionate Creator.[4]

Indeed, how can the creation of heaven be a burden to The Ultimately Powerful One Who causes the surface of the earth to become a place of resurrection in our spring, The One Who creates a hundred thousand samples of resurrection? Thus, just as his message has caused the foundation of this abode of examination and he became the recipient of the concealed truth  “لَولاكَ لَولاكَ لَمَا خَلَقتُ الأَفلاكَ””If it wasn’t for you, I would not have created the universe”; similarly, his worship has caused the foundation of the other abode of happiness. Is it at all possible that the flawless magnificence of artistry and incomparable beauty of Lordship within this order of the world and vast mercy which leaves all minds in awe would accept such an ugliness, such a mercilessness, such an unorderedness by not responding to that prayer? That is, to hear, fulfill, and carry out with attention the most minor, most insignificant desires and voices and to view as trivial and fail to hear, understand, and carry out the most significant and necessary desires? God forbid and by no means, God forbid a hundred thousand times! Such a beauty cannot accept such an ugliness and turn ugly.[5]

عَلَيْهِ صَلَوَاتُ الرَّحْمٰنِ مِلْءَ الدُّنْيَا وَ دَارِ الْجِنَانِ ٭ اَللّٰهُمَّ صَلِّ وَ سَلِّمْ عَلٰى عَبْدِكَ وَ رَسُولِكَ ذٰلِكَ الْحَب۪يبُ الَّذ۪ى هُوَ سَيِّدُ الْكَوْنَيْنِ وَ فَخْرُ الْعَالَمَيْنِ وَ حَيَاتُ الدَّارَيْنِ وَ وَس۪يلَةُ السَّعَادَتَيْنِ وَ ذُو الْجَنَاحَيْنِ وَ رَسُولُ الثَّقَلَيْنِ وَ عَلٰٓى اٰلِه۪ وَ صَحْبِه۪ اَجْمَعِينَ وَ عَلٰٓى اِخْوَانِهِ مِنَ النَّبِيّ۪ينَ وَ الْمُرْسَل۪ينَ اٰم۪ينَ

The peace of The Merciful One be upon him to the extent of all that this world and the abode of heavenscontain. O Allah send peace and blessings to your slave and messenger, that beloved one who is the master of both worlds and the pride of the worlds and the life of both abodes and the means to both the happiness here and in the hereafter and the one [who flies] with two wings and the messenger of the two huge armies [of jinn and humankind] and to all his family and companions and to his brothers of prophets and messengers. Amen.

[1] Indeed, if half the earth and one fifth of the humankind is colored with the color of the one whose sultanate has endured for one thousand three hundred and fifty years, and whose sultanate is still ongoing, who has more three hundred and fifty million citizens in most time periods, who’s entire citizens renew their allegiance to him every day and who testify to his perfections and follow his commands with perfect obedience; that is, if they are colored with his spiritual color and if that person happens to be the beloved of their hearts and nurturer of their souls, he is certainly the greatest slave of The Lord Who operates in this universe. Also, if most species in the universe applaud his duty and mission through the form of each carrying a fruit of miracle of his, then certainly that person is the most beloved creation of this universe’s Creator. Also, it is a need such as immortality which the totality of humankind desires with the entirety of their potential; that need which raises the human being from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high. Certainly, that need is a greatest need and a greatest slave will ask for it from The One Who meets all needs in the name of everybody.

[2] Indeed, all the peace and blessings of the entire Muslim community (ummah) since the time of The Ahmadian (عليه الصلاة و السلام) prayer up to now is a continuous amen and a communal participation to his prayer. Moreover, every blessing that is sent to him is each an amen for his prayer, and for every member of his community to send him peace and blessings within every prayer and for the Shafi’is to pray for him after the second call to prayer (iqamah) is a very strong and universal amen to his prayer pertaining to eternal happiness. Thus, the person of Ahmad (as) (dhat al-ahmadiyya) asks in the name of that humankind for the immortality and eternal happiness that the entire humanity asks for through the tongue of humanity’s nature with all their might and the luminous part of the humankind say amen behind him. Is it at all possible that this prayer is not an indication of acceptance?

[3] Yes, while all handlings of this universe’s Governor are evidently conscious, knowledgeable, and wise, it is not possible in any way that That Governor is not conscious or knowing of the actions of a most excellent member within His own creation. Also, it is not possible in any way that That an all-Knowing Governor would stay neglectful and not value the actions and prayers of that excellent member while knowing them. Furthermore, it is not possible in any way that for That an all-Powerful and Compassionate Governor to not accept his prayers while not being neglectful of his prayers. Indeed, the form of the universe has changed with the light of the person of Ahmad (as) (dhat al-ahmadiyya). The true natures of the human being and the entire universe were revealed through that radiance (noor) and light (diya’) and it was seen that: the beings of the universe are each a letter of The Self Sufficient One (as-Sama) teaching the divine names, are each an employed officer, and are each a valuable and meaningful being who is the recipient of immorality. If that light did not exist, beings would be subject to ultimate cessation and be an insignificant, meaningless, useless, unnecessary, unordered toy of coincidence, remaining within a darkness of delusion. Thus, it is from this truth that just as people say amen to the Ahmadian person’s (عليه الصلاة و السلام) prayer, the totality of beings from the heavens and the earth’s surface to the earth and The Pleiades are prided with his light and show interest in it. Moreover, the soul of The Ahmadian (Peace and blessing be upon him) worship is prayer (dua). Perhaps the movements and services of the universe is a type of prayer. For example: The movement of a seed is a type of prayer to its Creator in order to become a tree.

[4] Indeed, to show boundless and countless samples of perfect art and samples of the resurrection and apocalypse and to write and incorporate with perfect order into that single paper the ordered diversity of arts in the form of three hundred thousand books on the surface of the earth which is in the form of a very narrow paper compared to the hereafter is certainly more complex than building and creating the delightful and ordered heaven in the vast world of the afterlife. Indeed, it can be said that the creation of spring gardens is more complex and awe inspiring than that heaven to the degree of how elevated the heaven is compared to the spring.

[5] Indeed, the reversal of truths is impossible by unanimous agreement. And within the reversal of truths, it is completely impossible for an opposite to transform into its opposite. And, evidently, within the reversal of opposites, what is a thousand times impossible is this: The opposite should be the same as its opposite while retaining its own nature. For example: while an endless beauty is true beauty, it is also true ugliness. Thus for a beauty of Lordship in this example of ours which is apparent and is of absolute existence, to remain continuous within the beauty of Lordship’s nature while at the same time happen to be ugliness. It is thus the most bizarre of examples of which are impossible and false in the world. Thus, just as The Most Noble Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) opens the door of this world through his message, he also opens the door of the hereafter through his worship.

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