Tenth Word – Second aspect and truth

Second illustration:

Look at the way things are going and the performance! What a perfect splendid sustenance is given to everybody from the poorest and weakest to [everybody else]. Lonely patients are being beautifully taken care of. Also, there are highly precious and magnificent foods, bowls, decorated marks, adorned dresses, and perfect feasts. Look, besides foolish ones like you, everybody pays great attention to their duty. Nobody transgresses their boundaries to the slightest degree. The greatest person serves with a greatest obedience under a humble fear and grandeur. So, the Owner of this sultanate has an immense benevolence and a vast mercy. Also, He has an exalted grandeur and a glorious honor and law. However, benevolence necessitates the giving of favors. As for mercy, it cannot be without kindness. As for grandeur, it necessitates zeal. Honor and law, on the other hand, necessitate disciplining the ill-mannered. Yet in this country, even a thousandth part of what is suitable to that mercy and law is not being done. The oppressor stays and dies with dignity and the oppressed with humiliation. Thus, it is left to a supreme tribunal.

Second Truth:

It is the door of benevolence and mercy which is a manifestation of the names The Benevolent (al-Kareem) and The Compassionate (ar-Raheem).

Is it at all possible that The Lord of this world – Who, through the signs that He shows, is One with an endless benevolence and an endless mercy and an endless grandeur and an endless zeal – will not have a reward suitable to His benevolence and mercy, a punishment appropriate to His grandeur and zeal? Indeed, if one observes the affairs of life, it is seen that a suitable sustenance is given to every living being from the weakest and most impotent to the most powerful. The weakest and most impotent[1] is given the best sustenance. To every afflicted one, relief arrives from a place they have not expected. Feasts and treats take place with such a lofty benevolence that it openly shows that a hand of an endless benevolence is operating within it.

For instance, it is clearly understood that in the spring season, to dress all trees with a silk-like garment in the style of hooris in paradise, to decorate them with the ornaments of flowers and fruits making them servants and presenting to us with the delicate hands of their branches a great variety of the most sweet and artistic fruits, and to feed us the curative sweetest honey with the hand of a poisonous fly, and to dress us with a most beautiful and soft clothing by the hand of a handless insect, and to preserve a great treasure of mercy in a little seed for us, are the works of such a beautiful benevolence and such a gracious mercy. Also, apart from humans and some wild animals, for all things from the sun, moon, and earth to the tiniest creature to work on their duties with perfect care, to not violate their boundaries to the slightest degree, for a general obedience to be present under a great majesty; shows that they act with the command of One with a great glory and grandeur. And it is evident from the nurturing of weak and impotent babies through the compassion[2] of all mothers whether they be plants, animals, or humans and with that delicate nourishment such as milk, that it is handled by a manifestation of an extensive mercy.

Considering that The Administrator of this universe has an endless such benevolence, an endless such mercy, and an endless such glory and grandeur… Endless glory and grandeur necessitate the discipline of the ill-mannered. Endless benevolence necessitates endless bestowal of favors. Endless mercy necessitates a grace that suits it. However, in this passing world and short life, like a drop from the sea, only one in a million parts will establish and manifest itself. There will thus be an abode of happiness suitable to that benevolence and appropriate to that mercy. Otherwise, it would be necessary to deny the existence of this apparent mercy like denying the existence of the sun which fills the morning with its light. Because cessation without coming back necessitates the termination of the truth of mercy through transforming compassion into affliction, love into grief, favor into disfavor, the mind into an unfortunate tool, and joy into pain. Also, there will be an abode for punishment, suitable to that glory and grandeur. Because mostly, the oppressor stays and dies with dignity and the oppressed with humiliation. Thus, it is being delayed and left to a supreme tribunal. It’s not that they are neglected. Sometimes, He even punishes one in this world. Punishments that came to the disobedient and rebellious tribes in past eras show that the human being is not neglected and is always liable to a slap of glory and zeal.

Indeed, is it at all possible that the human being – among all beings to have a crucial duty and a crucial talent, and that if the human’s Lord makes Himself known to the human being through such an orderly creation of His and the human in return fails to know Him through faith, and that if He makes Himself beloved through such bountiful adorned fruits of mercy of His and the human in return fails to make himself beloved to Him through worship, and that if He shows His love and mercy through such abundant various favors of His and the human fails to respect Him with praise and thanks in exchange – that he will be left without punishment, left unattended, and that The One of glory Who has grandeur and zeal will not prepare an abode of punishment? Is it at all possible that The Merciful Compassionate One will not grant an abode of reward and an eternal happiness to the believers who know Him through faith in return to Him making Himself known, who love Him and make themselves beloved to Him through worship in return to Him making Himself beloved, and who respect him with thankfulness in return to His mercy?

[1] A solid proof that halal sustenance is not obtained through power but provided based on poverty: the excellent livelihood of helpless babies and the troubled livelihood of powerful beasts, also the fleshiness of unintelligent fish and the physical thinness of intelligent and deceptive foxes and monkeys due to the trouble of livelihood. Hence, sustenance is inversely proportional to ability and willpower. It is affected by the trouble of livelihood to the degree that it trusts its ability and willpower.

[2] Indeed for a hungry lion refrain from eating a meat that it captured, giving it to its cub preferring its helpless cub over itself, also for a timid chicken to attack a dog or a lion to protect its chick, and for the fig tree to eat mud and provide a pure milk for its fruits which are its young, clearly show to those who are not blind that they act on behalf of an endlessly Compassionate Benevolent Kind One. Yes, for unconscious beings like plants and animals to perform highly intelligent and wise tasks necessarily shows that there is a highly Knowledgeable and Wise One Who operates them. They work under His name.

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