Tenth Word – Sixth Aspect and Truth

Sixth Aspect:

So come here and look! These splendid trains, planes, vehicles, warehouses, exhibitions, and works show that there is a highly magnificent sultanate ruling behind a veil. Such a sultanate would like subjects worthy of itself. You see however that all subjects have gathered in this guesthouse. And this guesthouse is filled and emptied daily. Also, all subjects are present for the sake of maneuvers in this zone of examination. And the zone is transformed every hour. Furthermore, all subjects stay for a few minutes and observe in this place of exhibition to view samples of the sultan’s precious gifts and his wondrous and precious artwork in exhibitions. As for the exhibition, it transforms every minute. Those who leave do not come back, and those who arrive leave. So this state, this situation clearly shows that behind this guesthouse, this area and, these exhibitions are eternal palaces and lasting dwellings, and gardens and treasures filled with pure and elevated originals of these samples and forms. Thus, the struggle over here is for these. He makes them work here and rewards them over there. Everybody has a happiness over there depending on their capability.

The Sixth Truth: It is the door of glory and everlastingness, being a manifestation of the names The Glorious One (al-Jaleel) and The Eternal One (al-Baqee).

Is it ever possible for the glory of Lordship (Rububiyyah) that subjugates and manages all beings from the stars and trees all the way down to particles    

as though they were in the form of soldiers ready to obey commands, to concentrate on wretched transitory beings – who spend a temporary life in this guesthouse of the world-, to not create an eternal, everlasting dwelling of glory and a never-ending and exalted center for Lordship (Rububiyyah)? Indeed, majestic actions seen in this universe – such as the changing of seasons, splendid actions such as the plane-like movements of planets, extreme subjugations such as making the earth a crib for the humankind and making the sun a lamp for the people, and vast transformations such as reviving and decorating the dead and dried face of the earth – show that there is such a Great Lordship (Rububiyyah) behind the veil that rules with a magnificent sultanate. Such a sultanate of Lordship (Rububiyyah) would like subjects worthy of itself and would like an appropriate zone of manifestation. However, you see that the subjects and slaves who are most comprehensive and significant in nature have only temporarily gathered in this guesthouse of the world in a miserable form. As for the guesthouse, it is filled up and emptied every day. Also, all subjects are only temporarily present in this arena of examination for being tested in service. As for the arena, it changes every hour. Furthermore, all those subjects stay and contemplate for a few minutes in this exhibition to observe the samples of the precious gifts of The Glorious Fashioner and His wondrous and precious artwork  with the eye of a buyer in the exhibitions of the bazaar of this world, and disappear afterwards. As for this exhibition, it changes every minute. Whoever leaves does not return, and whoever comes leaves.

Therefore, this state and this circumstance undoubtedly show that behind this guesthouse, this arena, and this exhibition are eternal palaces, lasting dwellings, and gardens and treasures filled with the most pure and elevated originals of the samples and representations of what we see in this world that are going to be a means for and a recipient of an eternal sultanate.  Hence, the struggle over here is for these. He makes one work over here and rewards them over there. Everybody – so long as they do not fail – has a happiness over there depending on their capacity. Indeed, it is not possible for such an eternal sultanate to concentrate on these transitory and wretched fleeting ones.

Look at this truth through the binoculars of this allegory: For instance, your are walking down the road. You see that on the road there is an inn. A great person has built that inn for guests who visit him. He spends millions of gold coins on the ornaments of that inn for a single night for the sake of entertainment and of learning a lesson for those guests. Also, those guests observe only a few of those ornaments and in a brief time; they marginally taste those favors in a very short time and leave without being satiated.  Yet every guest captures photos of things in that inn with their own unique camera. Also, the servants of that great person capture and record with great care the gusts’ form of conduct. Furthermore, you see that that person destroys most of those precious ornaments every day and forms new ornaments for the future guests. After seeing this, would you have any doubt left that the person who built this inn on this road has permanent and very lofty dwellings, never-ending and very precious treasures, and a lasting and a very great generosity. By the generosity displayed in this inn, he whets the appetite of his guests to the things present next to him. And awakens their desire for the gifts he prepared for them. Similarly, if you pay attention to the state in this guesthouse of the world without being drunk, you will understand these “nine principles”:

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