Tenth Word – Third Aspect and Truth

Third Illustration:

Look at the way things are carried out with such an exalted wisdom and order. And with what true justice and balance things are dealt with. Yet the wisdom of a government necessitates treating with kindness the refugees who seek asylum in the sultanate’s protective wing. As for justice, it necessitates protecting the rights of its citizens so that the government’s honor and the sultanate’s majesty is preserved. Yet in these places not a thousandth worthy of that wisdom and that justice is carried out. Most foolish people like you pass away without being punished. This means it is left to a sublime tribunal.

The Third Truth: is the door of wisdom and justice, being a manifestation of the names The Wise (al-Hakem) and The Just (al-Adil).

Is it at all possible that The One of glory (Dhul-Jalal) who displays the sultanate of Divine Lordship through wisdom and order and justice and balance occurring in tiny particles all the way to stars will not show kindness to the believers who seek asylum in the protective wing of Divine Lordship and who believe in wisdom and justice and act in line with slavery [towards God]? And will not discipline the immoral ones who rebel against that wisdom and justice with nonbelief and transgression? Yet in this transient world not a thousandth worthy of that wisdom and that justice is carried out in humans and is postponed. Most of the people of corruption pass away without being punished and most of those of guidance without being rewarded. This means it is left to a sublime tribunal, a glorified happiness.

Indeed, it is apparent that The One operating this universe works with an endless wisdom. Do you want an evidence for it? It is for Him to observe benefits and interest in everything. Do you not see that the observation of benefits and wisdom in all the organs, bones, and blood vessels in a human being and even the cell’s in one’s body, everywhere, in every part of it, insomuch that for some of one’s organs the benefits and wisdom placed into those organs are as many as the fruits in a tree, shows that it is the work of an endless wisdom. And for ultimate order to be present in the artistry of everything shows that work is done with an endless wisdom.

Indeed, to insert in a tiny seed the detailed program of a beautiful flower, to write with the spiritual pen of fate the page of deeds, biography, and an index of equipment for a humongous tree in a tiny seed makes apparent that work is done with a pen of endless wisdom.

Also, the presence of a high level of beautiful artistry in the creation of everything shows that it is the work of an ultimately Wise Maker. Indeed, to include within this tiny human body an index of the entire universe, the keys to all the treasures of divine mercy, the mirrors to all His names shows wisdom within an ultimately beautiful artistry. Now, is it at all possible that such a wise wisdom in the works of Divine Lordship (Rububiyyah) would not wish kindness and eternally bless those who seek refuge in the wing of Divine Lordship and obey with faith?

Also, do you want evidence that things are done with justice and balance? To create everything with precise balances and specific measurements, to provide it with a figure, and set it in its proper place demonstrates that everything is done with an endless justice and balance.

Also, to provide every right holder with their right in accordance with their talent – that is, to provide all their necessities for existence and all the equipment for their survival in a most suitable way – demonstrates the work of an endless justice.

Also, to continuously answer everything that is asked and desired through the tongue of talent, the tongue of natural needs, the tongue of desperation demonstrates ultimate justice and wisdom.

Now, is it at all possible that a justice and wisdom that rushes for help to a smallest need of such a smallest creature to neglect a greatest need of immortality of a greatest creature like the human being? To leave their greatest appeal and greatest petition unanswered? To not preserve the majesty of Lordship (Rububiyyah) through preserving His slaves rights? However, the human being who spends a short life in this transitory world is not able to and cannot become the recipient of the essence of such a justice. Perhaps it is left to a supreme tribunal. As true justice requires that this little human be rewarded or punished not to the degree of their littleness but to the degree of the vastness of their crime, the significance of their nature, and the greatness of their duty. Since this transitory passing world is very far from being the recipient of such a justice and wisdom regarding the human being who was created for eternity, surely, there will be an eternal hell and an everlasting heaven belonging to The Majestic One (al-Jaleel) of Beauty (Dhul-Jamal) Who is Just and The Beauteous One (al-Jameel) of Majesty (Dhul-Jalal) Who is Wise.

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