How is the Universe Centered Around Humans?

The Second Station of the Fourteenth Flash (Part 5)

NOTE: The quoted passages are from Ustadh Bediuzzaman’s book and the commentaries below them are my own.

Yes gathering, within the zone of wisdom, [various] realms of the universe around the human being; [and] urging [them] to [satisfy] all his needs with the utmost order and assistance is clearly one of two cases: either each realm of the universe, on its own, is acquainted with the human being, obeys him, [and] runs to his aid –[and] while this is a hundred times beyond reasoning [and logic], it also produces a multitude of impossibilities-; the power of a Strongest Ultimate Sovereign would need to be present in such an ultimately weak [creature] as a human. Or this aid happens due to the knowledge of an Ultimately Powerful [Being] behind the curtain of this universe. Hence, it is not that the realms of this universe are acquainted with the human being; but they are [rather] an evidence for the knowledge and acquaintance of a One (Dhat) who knows and is acquainted with the human being and expresses mercy [to him].

Note: The First Word (Part 3) and the previous post are prerequisites for this one. In the former, we discussed the author’s argument about the existence of God. A similar argument is used in the above passages. We will therefore omit certain details in the argument and leave them to the First Word (Part 3).

Suppose we are given a multiple choice question with two options. Clearly, there are two ways to proceed: to determine that one of them is true, or that one of them is false and select the remaining one. The author uses the second approach to answer the following question.

Question: How is it possible for this universe to be centered around humans?


First Possibility

The universe “knows” humans and designs itself in a way that satisfies human needs and desires.

In the First Word (Part 3), we discussed the mutual relationship between hummingbirds and certain types of flowers. These flowers are designed in a way which satisfy the hummingbirds’ desires and provide them with the necessary food. Furthermore, the flower’s shape forces the hummingbird to eat in a certain manner which causes the pollen to stick to the bird’s body, thus allowing the pollen to spread. Finally, the breeding seasons of the hummingbirds coincide with the blooming of the flowers, which is necessary for the mutual relationship. In other words, the hummingbirds are created and designed in accordance with the nature of these flowers, and vice versa. By looking at these and other scenarios, we observe that this universe resembles a puzzle. Every piece of it affects and influences the the rest. We also discussed why this implies the existence of God.

Similarly, we observe that the universe is created in accordance with the nature of humankind. Humans possess a longing for aesthetic beauty, and the universe is designed in a way which satisfies this desire, due to its beauty and elegance. Furthermore, the human eye functions properly in the presence of light, allowing us to see the various colors in order to enhance our vision. We observe that the universe provides the necessary light through the presence of the sun and its appropriate distance from the earth.

By the discussion in The First Word (Part 3), the denial of a Creator would imply that the universe itself “knows” humans and designs itself accordingly. Is it at all possible that the different parts of this universe cooperate with each other and decide to satisfy the human sense of sight? That the mountains, trees, oceans, and stars all shape themselves in order to perfectly fit into a beautiful scene? Or that humans possess a tremendous amount of power that they can direct the universe to their attention to fulfill their desires?

Furthermore, humans possess the ability to hear, and the universe is created in accordance with the sense of hearing. Is it possible that the universe possesses the power to create sounds? Or that the air creates itself in a way that transports these sounds to the human ear? Is it reasonable that science designs itself so that only certain sounds are audible to the human ear, so as to not annoy them with the rest?

In the given examples, we observe that either the universe creates itself in accordance with human nature (eg. creates sounds “knowing” that humans possess the ability to hear), or that humans are powerful enough to direct the attention of the universe to themselves, or that both of them cooperate to produce the result. The first is clearly impossible, since the universe does not possess the necessary tools (eg. intelligence, consciousness) in order to design itself. Since this was discussed in the First Word (Part 3), we examine the second possibility.

So is it possible for humans to possess such an incredible power? As humans, we are still in the process of discovering the scientific laws which enhance our lifestyle. For many centuries people believed that the earth was flat and the sun revolved around the earth. Is it possible, then, to assume that we designed it in the first place? Furthermore, if humans were powerful enough to design and direct the universe, they would surely possess the power to cure their own illnesses. This, however, is not always possible. In other words, creating something out of nothing is more complicated than fixing something which already exists. If one cannot do the latter, they can surely not do the former. Finally, it is unreasonable to assume that we created our own consciousness and intelligence, since that itself would require intelligence.

Second Possibility

Since the first possibility is incorrect, the second one must be true. Hence, a Creator must exist and it is due to this Creator that the universe is directed to the humankind.

Oh man! Come to your senses. Is it at all possible that The One of Glory (Dhu Al-Jalal) extending the hands of help of all realms in this universe towards you and causing them to say “[we are] at your service” to your needs; [is it possible that He] does not know you, is not acquainted [with you], [or] does not see [you]?

Forasmuch as He knows you, and through mercy, reveals that He knows [you]. You too [should] know Him, and through reverence, reveal that you know [Him]. And understand with certainty that subjecting this vast universe to such an utterly weak, utterly impotent, utterly poor, transient, small creature as yourself and sending it to his aid, is certainly the truth of divine mercy which encompasses wisdom, help, knowledge, and power. Surely, such a mercy would ask from you a comprehensive and a sincere thanks and a serious and pure respect. Hence, say بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ “In the name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate”, which is the interpreter and symbol of that sincere thanks and that pure respect, [and] make it a means of attaining that mercy, and make it an intercessor at the door of that Merciful [One].

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