How Powerful is God? – Part 1

How strong are you? 💪🏼 One way to measure your strength is through a grip test. You squeeze a dynamometer with maximum force and check the reading.

Say your grip strength is 35 kg. So, if you need 5 kg of grip strength to do a certain task, you would find that easy. If you need 20 kg of grip strength, you would find it doable but comparingly more difficult. Finally, if you need 40 kg of grip strength, you wouldn’t be able to do it at all as it surpasses your strength threshold which is 35.

Ok, so what does all mean? The difficulty level of a task is determined by its distance from your strength level. Within your capacity, the farther the task 👷🏿‍♂️ is from your strength level, the easier it becomes. Conversely, the closer the task is to your strength level, the more difficult it becomes. That is, the concepts of easy or difficult are meaningful only when there is a specific threshold.

But what if there is no threshold? What if power is unlimited, as in the case of God? Then the concepts of easy or difficult no longer make sense. There is no difference whatsoever between creating one person 🚶🏼, a million people, or nothing at all. To Him, they’re all equivalent 🟰.

So what are some examples where this concept comes into play?

Example 1

The revelation of Verse 28 in Surah Luqman occurred in response to a man’s query to The Prophet (peace be upon him), questioning how God could create all of us in just one hour on the Day of Judgment, considering that He created us gradually in the first place. Essentially, the man was expressing doubt about the existence of the Day of Judgment since creating life in steps is supposedly easier compared to creating it instantaneously. But the fact is that difficulty levels are irrelevant when it comes to God. Just as He possesses the power to create the world 🌏 gradually in six days or to create us gradually in the womb 👩🏻‍🍼, He is equally capable of creating us instantaneously. To Him, there is no concept of easy or difficult.

Example 2

Phrases like “God is too busy for me” or “God has more important matters to deal with than my trivial issues” come from misunderstanding the ultimate power of God. Indeed, God can take care of each and every one of us with zero effort from His part.


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